Evening Amin,

Please avoid mailing such big mails, I had to authorize it by hand! ;)

I’ve added the fa branch to the bf-translations svn, with your po and conversion script (seems the best place for it, imho).

Now, please register an account on (if you do not have one yet), and request membership to . This will give you access to the svn repo, where you will be able to commit updates of your work (in branches/ part, please).

Best regards,

You could for example use rapidsvn, an easy multi-OS GUI over svn:

The svn repository you need to checkout is , and your svn login and password should be the same as your ones (iirc…).

You’ll see, it’s not difficult :)

Hey Dalai,

I already updated all po in branches last friday (svn62, against Blender svn 41002), and I intend to do so each friday. :)

I developped a bunch of py scripts to do it automatically (under /trunk/po currently, but I’m rewriting them in a much consistent whole, should commit in one or two days).

As for the 2.60 release, we wil only have new es, zh_CN and fr translations (all above 80%) ? I updated them in Blender trunk yesterday, and was already yelled at, because this should have been done before RC1 (or at worst, RC2)… So nothing more will be added/updated for 2.60!



I’ve spent the last days working on the i18n stuff both py tools and
leaning i18n usage in Blender code (I’ll talk about that on bf-committers).

I intend to commit this very soon (likely tomorrow thursday), unless
some serious objections arise. :)

Here is a summary of the changes in scripts (see also the whole new
README.txt file for details: ):
* Rewrote all scripts:
** They are now under /trunk/po/tools dir.
** They use a common settings source.
** Commonly used functions are gathered in (notably those
reading/parsing and writing po messages).
** All scripts now have an args management system (argparse module),
with a minimal help message (-h).
* Nearly all common operations can now be done with two tools:
** to update /branches po's with latest messages.
** to update /trunk po's and mo's with /branches po's
translated enough.
* Lower-level scripts remain present, for more specific needs.
* now accepts several sources po's to merge into dst one
(and it removes fuzzy flag when needed).
* is now a report-only tool outputing some nice stats and
info about current po's.

Another important topic: languages needing post-processing of their po's
(currently, arabic and persian). I renamed the scripts to
<language> (and fixed a bug regarding escaped \" and \t in
messages...). So now, the <language>.po file *must* be the raw
(unprocessed) one.
Then, the script (and hence the one) will use that <language> script, if
present, to automatically process the raw <language>.po file and put the
processed version under /trunk/po.

I hope and think all this will hugely ease to use and manage the
bf-translation repo!

Best regards,


Here is a proposition about managing bf-translations repo, and how to
synchronize with Blender release cycles.

* Translators should never modify themselves /trunk. They should only
edit /branches.
* Translators should ask an admin to add a new language (as this also
implies, currently, some code in Blender).

BCon1: 20 October (define targets, get branches reviewed & ready)
BCon2: 30 October (add branches to svn)
New languages can be added.
An update of all po's under /branches is made at least once a week
(friday morning seems a good option, imho), and possibly more often
in case of big changes in sources (like a branch merged). I can
handle this.
The /trunk is also updated once a week (monday evening, imho). The
is set to 0% (i.e. all existing languages are in trunk). I can
also handle this.
BCon3: 15 November (testing fixing period)
Like BCon1 and 2, but adding new languages is no more allowed.
BCon4 (i.e. RC): 01 December (testbuilds, fixing only)
A last update of /trunk is done just before first RC, using a
threshold of 80% (i.e. only
nearly finished translations are in /trunk). Then, /trunk is no
more changed,
unless a serious issue arises (can’t imagine what, but you
never know…).
/branches remains open and updated once a week.
BCon5 (i.e. freeze and release): 11 December (svn frozen, release a few days after)
/trunk is also freezed (only critical bugs are fixed! :P ).
/branches remains open and updated once a week.

Now, fire your comments and suggestions! When we get a consensus, I’ll
write a wiki page about it (anyway, we lack some doc about all this!).

Best regards,


bf-translations update is done! I also updated all branches’ po’s against latest big i18n commit in trunk (svn41149).

Please have a look at those commits:

I also created this page (which currently has the same content as README.txt): **

Best regards,


We have a new language: Indonesian (id). Welcome on board! :)

I just updated both branches and trunk ? please update your po's.

Here are current branches' stats:
Checking /home/i7deb64/blender-2.5-svn/__work__/i18n/branches/ja/ja.po...
45.5% done! (4259 translated messages over 9353).
28.5% of messages are tooltips (2670 over 9353).
31.2% of tooltips are translated (833 over 2670).
19.6% of translated messages are tooltips (833 over 4259).
0.2% of messages are commented (23 over 9376).
This translation is currently made of 46757 signs.