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プログラミング言語人気ランキングTIOBE:Index for January 2016でGroovyが82位→17位


Java’s rise goes hand in hand with Objective-C’s decline (-5.88%). Apple’s
announcement to replace Objective-C by Swift some time ago was the main
cause of this fall. It was expected that Swift would gain as much popularity as
Objective-C left behind, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. This is also
observed in practice: TIOBE’s customers are not eagerly migrating to Swift
yet. Apart from Objective-C, PHP (-1.08%) and Oracle’s PL/SQL (-1.00%)
also lost ground in 2015. Other interesting changes are: Groovy (from #82 to
#17), Erlang (from #89 to #35), Haskell (from #96 to #39) and Rust (from
#126 to #47), whereas Go, Hack and Clojure are about to enter the top 50.

【メモ】Gr8カンファレンス: Groovy利用パターン


  • Super Glue (万能接着剤)
  • Liquid Heart (液状の心臓)
  • Keyhole Surgery (鍵穴手術)
  • Smart Configuration (スマート設定)
  • Unlimited Openness (無制限の開放)
  • House-elf Scripts (小人さんスクリプト)
  • Prototype (プロトタイプ)


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